The Disruption Age of Content Creation & How You Should Create Content

Dominick Barbato, MBA
2 min readDec 13, 2022


Content creation and development have changed drastically over the last three years. First, Youtube was designed for amateurs to make videos they wanted to share with others. Now Youtube has become the home to 53,000,000 active channels looking for a way to break out of the wall of only a few thousand subscribers. From Mr Beast to PewDiePie, these channels focused on disruptive content to hit home on humans' basic needs.

Humans crave exciting and different content. There is something called the expectancy violation theory in psychology that states "a disturbing event interfering with a previously established mental state that has afforded a firm belief or confident feeling." So think about how often the news gets your attention with the craziest story. This is what our current content creation world is thriving and breeding on.

How are you going to create better content that stands the test of time and disrupts the industry/niche you are a part of?

It is essential to constantly be on the hunt for the next story or framing of your content to take your creations to the next level. The only way to get a lot of views and subscribers rather quickly on these platforms is the quantity and quality of different content that is rare to the youtube platform.

And, no, I am not pitching a "no face automated youtube channel," as much as those seem cool. This is for the content creators looking to break barriers in 2023 with the content creation strategy they have in place.

Create Better Content:

  1. Develop a game plan for your content and where it will be posted
  2. Develop a strategy in your videos to always have jump cuts or new things on the screen to keep viewers engaged in a TikTok era
  3. Focus heavily on output in the beginning. The more videos, the better
  4. Thumbnails and titles are more important than your script
  5. CTR x AVD = Youtube Love

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