How To Do The 100 Envelope Challenge and Save $5,000 In Less Than 100 Days

Dominick Barbato, MBA
1 min readDec 9, 2022

100 days is short amount of time for most people to get there hands upon $5000. Most Americans don't even have $1000 laying around for a rainy day. Imagine having 5x saved in less than 4 months. It may sound daunting for those who have never saved before, but I promise, it is a fun process and makes savings a regular habit!

You can see the video I made soon after finishing the 100-day challenge. Essentially what it entails is as follows.

  1. Buy 100 envelopes
  2. Write 1–100 on each
  3. For each day, you pick an envelope and put that money inside.
  4. At the end of 100 days, you will have roughly 5,050 dollars.

By the end of the challenge, you will have saved up 5000 dollars. It is a great way to jumpstart your savings with a fun and easy challenge.



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