5 Ways To Upgrade Your Energy Levels & Get Rid Of Brain Fog

Dominick Barbato, MBA
6 min readJun 4, 2018

“The more you lose yourself in something bigger than yourself, the more energy you will have.”

Norman Vincent Peale

Energy is everything. The world runs on energy and our life is made of energy that is in a constant state of motion. If we are not using our energy to the max potential, we are in a natural state of decline; entropy.

Furthermore, our energy is being robbed every single day by the countless noises and distractions of the outer-world. We are constantly bombarded with notifications that are never ending and we don’t realize how hurtful these notifications are to our energy and mental well-being.

Each notification that we receive, or every distraction that we multi-task to, is literally using up mental energy. This is a main reason why we see major rises in anxiety, depression, insomnia and many other illnesses. People are not getting off their phones and are completely fried out after a day because the amount of stimuli that our phones produce.

And even after the day has ended, this is when people consume their phones the most which is actually completely backwards! If we don’t put our phones down, it makes it harder for our minds to recover from the day.

Our phones, or any screen for that matter, is a constant distraction looking to rob us of our time and even money. Each minute we waste doing something that isn’t productive at all, is pushing us backwards from obtaining our goals, dreams, aspirations and desires.

Society is completely evolving, and the people who are “winning,” are the ones who use their phones the least and are the most focused.

As a society we need to stop consuming and start creating. All good in the world has come from people who created, but society is making it increasingly harder to be able to create while there is constant distraction and endless ways to consume.

There are endless ways to be able to upgrade your energy, but first we needed to understand that our phones are our biggest robber of energy.

7 Ways To Upgrade Your Energy Levels


Unfortunately, meditation is still a taboo in society and many people think it has something to do with religion or spirituality. Although some religions may use meditation, it is more a way to help them become better with introspection and to increase their consciousness. mMeditation itself involves no religion.

Meditation is the act of letting go of all things, thoughts and feelings we have in our life. It is an art of complete quietness in our minds which has ENDLESS benefits for our mind, body and soul. Every-time you meditate you are clearing your mind of worry, doubt, fear and any other harmful thoughts you may have.

Meditation opens your mind up to other possibilities and help you become more self-aware of you and your life.

By meditating daily, once you wake up or before bed, you will see a large increase in your energy overtime. Your energy will not increase immediately because meditation is an art and you must practice everyday to get better. Try meditating for 10 minutes a day for thirty days and observe how you are feeling after those thirty days!

Drink More Water

Drinking more water should be an obvious thing for many people to do. Unfortunately so few people are actually consuming enough water and this is constantly wearing down our bodies. Our bodies are made up of around 60% water! More than half of our body is water but we live in a society where more people are consuming other sugary drinks and not giving the body what we need.

You should be drinking at least 8–12 glasses of water each day. If you are barely having 2–3 bottles of water and feeling fatigued and tired everyday, this could be a main component for it!


Exercise has almost immediate benefits to your energy levels. Once you start exercising everyday you are going to feel better, look better and just be happier! Exercising is a powerful energy booster because of the endorphins that are released, which are happy chemicals. They also are responsible for relieving pain.

Get outside, or get the gym and start exercising! Start with just 10–15 minutes a day and don’t push yourself too hard. Create the habit first, than increase your time as you develop the habit of working out. So many people(including me) create ridiculous goals for ourselves which are not even close to obtainable. We have to break our goals down into smaller pieces to be able to accomplish more. This goes into the next point on how to increase your energy levels in your life.

Stop Setting Unrealistic Goals

Setting unrealistic goals has become such a huge factor in society and why people are not succeeding in life. I struggled for a while, still do sometimes, on setting goals which are smaller, and much more obtainable. Many goals we set for ourselves are huge dreams or desires. The issue with this is that we live in a microwave society. We expect things now and demand them now in our everyday lives.

So many people wonder why they can’t set goals and achieve them. It is not because you can’t set goals, it is just the fact that you think you can accomplish more than you can even chew in your life! Start small and make your goals ridiculously simple to achieve.

By making your goals small and achieveable you will develop the habit of setting better, realistic goals for yourself. By doing this you will not be frying out your mind with endless goals that just count as distractions after a certain point of not achieving them.

Wipe your slate clean of all the unrealistic goals you may have had for yourself, and set 10 goals that are so small to achieve over the next month. Watch what happens.

Don’t Use Your Phone Before Bed

Stop using your phone before bed and as soon as you wake up. Learn to leave the distractions alone and get some quiet time for your mind, body and soul to fully recover after a long day.

Our phones are distractions and as soon as you swipe into your phone, you have entered a blackhole that psychologically is going to suck you into every little red-dot that has a number of notifications next to it. Our phones are addictions and although they are the best thing to happen to our world, they are also the worst thing to happen to society. Many of us don’t even realize our addiction to our phones and technology still we need them the most to navigate home to to call a friend by speaking their name to our phones.

With a massive technological revolution happening everyday, we must learn to constantly be aware of how much our phones are robbing our energy and mental health.

Start with the habit of putting your phone down 30 minutes before bed, and not touching it for 15–30 minutes after you wake up. If you can’t even do this, you are going to have some serious addiction problems later on in life.

Ready To Upgrade?

Thank you reading this entire article and getting to this point. I hope you will be able to have more energy, success and abundance in your daily life!

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